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Robert Fletcher, Ohlone Preserve Conservation Bank/USFWS Endangered Species/Wikimedia Commons

Conservationists announce major leap in quest to save Mark Twain’s ‘jumping frogs’

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,” a short story featuring California’s state amphibian, is largely credited for American literary icon Mark Twain’s own jump to fame. But habitat destruction and invasive species means these California red-legged frogs—exalted for their impressive leaps (the world record jump was more than 6 meters), have largely disappeared from their natural range in Southern California, The Washington Post writes. Now, after years of efforts to reintroduce the frogs to the Santa Monica Mountains outside of Los Angeles, the National Parks Service announced the discovery of nine clusters of red-legged frog eggs in the region’s streams—the first evidence in decades that the species is sustaining a population in the area.

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