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Someone wearing sneakers and dancing on their tip toes.

Who will win this year’s biggest science dance battle? You decide!

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So much science, so much dancing, so little time! Check out the record 60 videos submitted to Science’s Dance Your Ph.D. contest this year. The 12 finalists have now been chosen—based on scoring by the winners of previous years’ contests—and the final judging is now underway. We want to know which one moves you. Vote below by 21 October for the Audience Favorite.

This is the 9th year of the contest, which challenges scientists to explain their doctoral research through the medium of dance. The dozen finalists, who hail from eight different nations, used a wide variety of dance styles to explain their research, including modern, ballroom, aerial silks, and even acrobatic pole dancing. Some are zany comedy, some are high art, and all of them attempt to explain the arcane topic of a Ph.D. thesis sans jargon.

A panel of renowned scientists, dancers, and communicators are now scoring the finalist dances on both their artist and scientific merits. Which one do you think does the best job of communicating the essence of a research topic while creatively entertaining you?

The winners will be announced on 25 October.