DonkeyHotey/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Political party, not scientific background, shapes Americans’ view of climate change

A poll revealed today that Americans are still majorly divided on the causes and cures of climate change, The New York Times reports. The poll, conducted online and by mail by the Pew Research Center, asked 1534 U.S. adults a series of questions on climate change. The results are pretty stark: Although 70% of Democrats believe climate change is caused by humans, only a quarter of Republicans share that belief. And despite the fact that scientific knowledge is roughly equal between parties, the poll says that’s no indication whether Republicans apply that knowledge to accept that humans cause climate change like Democrats appear to do. Says the report from Pew: “It could be the case that people’s political orientations are an anchoring point for applying their knowledge—rather than the other way around.”

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