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Jennifer Lopez set to produce NBC bio-terror drama C.R.I.S.P.R.

She’s still Jenny from the block, but now Jennifer Lopez is also the executive producer of a new drama called C.R.I.S.P.R., The Hollywood Reporter writes. Each episode of the new J Lo–produced show, slated to air on NBC, will investigate a criminal bio-attack based on the CRISPR gene-editing technique, from a genetic assassination attempt on the president to the framing of an unborn child for murder. If the project moves forward (the script is still being written), the drama will center on a scientist and her former mentor as they battle for control over the human genome, the culmination of which could mean life or death for the entire human race. Don’t stress over a real-life CRISPR though—these days, the technique is being used to engineer pasta dishes, not frame murders.

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