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Rickard Zerpe/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Tiny fish cause the retreat of a menacing predator

The bobbit worm is a fearsome ambush predator that buries itself in the sandy floors of the Pacific Ocean, luring in prey with wormlike tentacles. If a fish swims too close, it’ll be snapped up by the bobbit worm’s jaws and dragged into its burrow. But scientists have now observed certain species of fish forcing the wormy menace to retreat into the sand, LiveScience reports. The fish, Scolopsis affinis, will mob the predator’s hiding spot like a flock of birds and shoot jets of water from their mouths, as seen in this video, to force the worm deeper into its burrow. The researchers, who published this finding in Scientific Reports, say this behavior shows many fish are probably much more intelligent than previously thought.

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