Dance your Ph.D. 2016

Dance Your Ph.D. winners
Courtesy of Florence Metz

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Science launches the 2016 ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ contest

Calling all scientists! We want to know what your Ph.D. research was about. Or, if you're a current Ph.D. student, what are you working on now? But forget the PowerPoint slideshow. We don't even want to hear you talk. We want to see you dance.

The ninth annual Science/AAAS Dance Your Ph.D. contest is open! Got a free weekend this summer? Get together with your friends and labmates and make a dance video. It can be any style, from ballet and breakdancing to your own highly abstract interpretive dance. The final product should be not only fun to watch but helpful for others to gain an understanding of your scientific research. If you can pull that off, you can win a portion of the $2500 cash prize.

The deadline for submissions is 30 September. To enter the contest, and to see examples of past winners for inspiration, visit the contest homepage.

Good luck, scientists. Get your #DanceYourPhD on!