What reptile is the next giant panda?
Yamtono Sardi/iStock

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Which reptile is the next giant panda?

Just a few fuzzy species get most of the public’s attention: Think pandas, cheetahs, and polar bears. Many are mammals. Cute, and sometimes dangerous, they capture our hearts–and most of our conservation dollars. But what about the world’s other inhabitants? Is there a furless version of the giant panda that could capture the public’s imagination—not to mention their donations? To find out, researchers dug into a record of more than 50 million page views for reptile articles on Wikipedia in 2014. They found that of more than 10,000 reptile species on Wikipedia, the top 82 nab more than half of all views. The attention hogs tend to be big and dangerous, like Komodo dragons (above), saltwater crocodiles, and black mambas. And many of these top species are endangered, too, according to the paper in Biological Conservation. The researchers admit that Wikipedia views aren’t a perfect representation of public sentiment, but the study provides a starting point for helping the less-furry among us.