NASA Scientific Visualization Studio/Wikimedia Commons

ABC slashed climate coverage in 2015

2015 brought a flood of crucial climate news, from record-smashing temperatures to the Paris climate summit to the Pope’s climate encyclical. But these stories largely failed to make it onto U.S. network television, The Guardian reports. Climate coverage dropped 5% on broadcast news shows from 2014 to 2015, mostly thanks to ABC, which cut climate stories by 59%, according to a report published this month by Media Matters for America. Two major stories—President Obama’s Clean Power Plan and an investigation into Exxon Mobile for allegedly spreading misinformation—were widely ignored.  Fox, the only network to substantially increase its climate coverage, spent most of that extra time criticizing efforts to combat climate change. PBS rose high above its peers, devoting more time to climate stories and interviewing more scientists than any of the other three networks.

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