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Study on grizzly bear insulin retracted for falsified data.

Study on grizzly bear insulin retracted for falsified data.

Charlie Robbins

Falsified data on grizzly bear study leads to paper retraction

Just more than a year ago, researchers published a paper announcing that they had discovered how grizzly bears gain scores of weight before hibernation, but avoid the obesity-associated health problems, such as diabetes, that typically accompany such dramatic weight gain in people. Yesterday, Cell Metabolism retracted the paper after some of its authors at Amgen in Thousand Oaks, California, announced that the original paper contained falsified data.

After sifting through computer files, scientists at the biotech company found that specific sets of data had been distorted to more convincingly support the paper’s claims. No one outside of Amgen knows exactly who tampered with the findings, but the company says that the scientist has since been let go, reports The Wall Street Journal. The academic co-authors on the study insist that the findings are still viable and they’re in the process of replicating the exaggerated portion of the study to verify their findings.