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Top stories: A powerful new antibiotic, the most Earth-like planet ever, and a cancer paradox
(left to right) William Fowle/Northeastern University; Denis Scott/Corbis; David A. Aguilar (CfA)

Top stories: A powerful new antibiotic, the most Earth-like planet ever, and a cancer paradox

Microbe found in grassy field contains powerful antibiotic

As antibiotic resistance increases, scientists are worried that we're going to run out of drugs to fight diseases faster than we can make new ones. Now, they've discovered a microbe that produces a powerful new antibiotic. What’s more, the new compound works in such a way that it’s unlikely to fall prey to the problem of antibiotic resistance.

How some whales live more than 200 years

Bowhead whales can live for 200 years, yet they show few signs of the age-related ailments that plague humans. Now, scientists have sequenced the whale's genome—and it may help us unlock the secret to a longer life.

Cancer paradox: Testosterone injections combat lethal prostate tumors

Testosterone stokes the growth of prostate cancer cells, so it seems like the last thing a man with this type of cancer needs. But a new study shows that testosterone shots can actually slow the progression of untreatable prostate tumors in some patients.

Analysis of spacecraft data reveals most Earth-like planet to date

Scientists analyzing data from NASA’s Kepler satellite have identified eight new potentially habitable planets, one of which is the most Earth-like planet found to date. Unpoetically known as 5737.01, the planet has an orbital period of 331 days and is 30% larger than our home.

Major cancer groups call for e-cigarette research, regulation

 E-cigarettes, which allow users to inhale nicotine without other harmful chemicals, are becoming increasingly popular. This week, two of the largest cancer science and treatment groups in the United States called on the government to start regulating these “electronic nicotine delivery systems” and step up research on the health effects of vaping.