Researcher sues over misconduct investigation

A researcher under investigation by Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston is suing the institution, claiming it has wrongfully damaged his career. The investigation into the lab of cardiac stem cell scientist Piero Anversa came to light in April, when the journal Circulation retracted a 2012 paper from the lab, and The Lancet issued an “expression of concern” about another. Now, The Boston Globe reports that Anversa and a Harvard associate professor in his lab, Annarosa Leri, are suing the hospital and Harvard Medical School in a U.S. District Court for an unspecified amount. They claim the investigations harmed their reputations and cost them millions by derailing a deal to sell their stem cell company, Autologous/Progenital. According to the Globe, Anversa claims that the evidence of misconduct uncovered in the investigation—including image and data manipulation—are solely the responsibility of Jan Kajstura, a former member of the lab and first author on the retracted paper.