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Paolo Macchiarini holds a replica of a bioengineered human trachea, created by seeding stem cells in a plastic fibers scaffold.
AP Photo/Journal Star, David Zalaznik

Misconduct investigation into trachea transplant research

A surgeon whose pioneering transplants of artificial tracheas grown from stem cells has earned him fame and severe criticism, along with more than $10 million in funding, now faces a misconduct investigation, The New York Times reports. The Karolinska Institute tells the paper that it has begun looking into complaints against Paolo Macchiarini, who performed several of the experimental trachea transplants at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. Several physicians he worked with reportedly say he did not perform ethical reviews of the procedure or properly obtain informed consent from the people who received the bioengineered tissue. Macchiarini told the Times that the charges are unfounded and added, “We have never ever manipulated data.”

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