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Slideshow: World's worst parasitic worms

Hookworms, roundworms, and other species of parasitic worms known as helminths have thrived in mammals for millions of years. Despite modern strides in sanitation, helminth infections still have a devastating impact on human health and well-being, especially in developing regions. This week, Science features two research papers that explore how parasitic infections can compromise the immune system by reawakening latent viruses and impeding antiviral defenses.

The worms in this slideshow are responsible for some of the nastiest helminth infections in the world and cause a global burden of disease that outweighs better-known infections such as malaria and tuberculosis. For more, see this week’s issue of Science.

*Correction, 1 August, 11:58 a.m.: Due to a mislabeled image from the photo's source, Taenia solium was originally misidentified as Taenia saginata. Additionally, the photo of a cat tapeworm misidentified as Ancylostoma braziliense has been removed.