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The Geography of Beer, 2014, ISBN 978-94-007-7786-6, (Chapter: Zook, M. & Poorthuis, A. Offline Brews and Online Views: Exploring the Geography of Beer Tweets)

What Beer Do You Drink? Depends on Where You Live

Geographers who sifted through and analyzed more than a million tweets have created a U.S. beer map that reveals how Americans’ beer taste preferences shift throughout the states. Turns out easterners prefer Bud Light, while westerners prefer Coors Light. Southerners are more likely to grab a Corona or a Dos Equis, and Miller Lite lovers live in the Midwest and Great Plains. The map, which appears in a new book called The Geography of Beer, reflects various regions’ historic and cultural ties to the beverage, the Daily Mail reports.

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