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Live Chat: Saving Earth’s Water Supply

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Water is everywhere on Earth, but we can drink or irrigate with only 1% of it. Every year, there’s less and less because we’re consuming potable water at unprecedented rates, and also because climate change is shrinking the world’s supply. What’s more, we’ve dirtied the water that we do have, polluting it with fertilizer, pathogens, and trace chemicals.

How much of an impact are human actions having on Earth’s water supply? Are we causing irreversible harm to the ecosystems that live in fresh water? And is there anything we can do to increase our access to clean water today? 

Join biogeochemist Emily Bernhardt of Duke University and environmental engineer David Cwiertny of the University of Iowa on Thursday, 17 October, at 3 p.m. EDT on this page for a live video chat where we address these questions and take yours. Be sure to leave your queries for our guests in the comment box below.