Live Chat: Can We Keep Our Genomes Secret? (Video)

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When European researchers published the genome of the HeLa cancer cell line last month, they didn’t think to ask for permission from the family of Henrietta Lacks, the woman those cells came from—what some experts say was a serious ethical lapse. Although Lacks’s data has since been pulled offline, the incident has added to growing concerns about genetic privacy. How easy is it to identify someone from their genetic data? As personal genomes become routine, who will have access to that information, and what will they be allowed to do with it? And is there any benefit—for ourselves or for society—to making our genomes open books?

Join us on Thursday, 18 April, at 3 p.m. EDT on this page for a live Google Hangout on the scientific, legal, and ethical issues affecting genetic privacy in the age of personal genomes.

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