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Californians Back Measure to Fund Education

Schooled. In passing Proposition 30, California voters backed higher taxes on the wealthy to pay for state education programs.

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California Governor Jerry Brown has declared victory in his effort to save California schools from drastic budget cuts. After fighting unsuccessfully to protect the state's beleaguered education system against additional cuts championed by Republicans in the state legislature who were intent on closing the state's budget deficit, Brown took the issue directly to voters with Proposition 30. The measure raises the state income tax on wealthy Californians for 7 years and increases the state sales tax by 0.25% to provide an estimated $6 billion annually for K-12 education and community colleges. Prop. 30's passage would also prevent additional cuts and tuition hikes at state universities.

As of Wednesday morning, the measure is leading 54% to 46%, with 100% of precincts reporting (although some ballots have yet to be counted).

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