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Roundup 5/11: Mutants and Moolah Edition

A challenger to Texas Governor Rick Perry is questioning whether the $50 million awarded in 2005 to create the Texas Institute for Genomic Medicine, which specializes in studying mutant mice, was the best use of state money.

Senators grilled officials from BP, Transocean, and Halliburton today on the BP spill. One criticism from Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski: that BP hadn't studied the idea of adding dispersant to the ocean at depth before preparing to deploy the technique. BP has been conducting small-scale tests of the idea in recent days. "We've lost days here while we wait for the testing to play out," she said.

A new report released today by The Science Coalition makes the case for increased federal funding for basic academic research by describing 100 successful spin-off companies that have contributed to U.S. economic growth.