Winning bloggers. (pictured left to right) Jennifer Leslie, Benjamin Young Landis, and Daniel Stolte.

And the Winners of Our Blogging Contest Are ...

Last month, Science reporters traveled to San Diego, California, to cover the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (which publishes ScienceNOW). To help us out, we recruited meeting attendees to share their insights and experiences on our guest blog, ScienceBloggers. We were impressed with many of the entries, but in the end we could only choose three winners.

First place goes to Jennifer Leslie, a biologist at MIT, for her superb description of a session about using neuroscience in the courtroom. Our staff felt that this post best encapsulated what we wanted to see in our guest blog coverage: a well-written, insightful analysis of the science being discussed at the meeting. The story gives readers a vivid sense of the excitement of the session.

Second place goes to Ben Landis, a science-writing fellow at the North Carolina Sea Grant, for his colorful views of the meeting (see "Hey—That's Ira Flatow!" and "Bridging the Bridge Metaphors"), frequent use of multimedia, and regular posting throughout the conference. You can also check out Ben's full coverage.

Third place goes to Daniel Stolte, a science writer at the University of Arizona, for interesting write-ups of research presented at two ocean science sessions—"Blinded by the Noise" and "Oases of Life in Perpetual Darkness".

Finally, honorable mention goes to Haley Bridger, a science writer at the Broad Institute, for a record number of substantive posts on genetics and molecular biology sessions. You can see all of Haley's stories here.

Once again, thanks to all of our guest bloggers! To see everything they did, check out ScienceBloggers. And while you're at it, see the coverage by Science reporters, as well.