Roundup 10/5: Just Chilling Edition

Jack Metthey, the interim director of the European Research Council, tells Science|Business how he and the rest of the science agency are combating bureaucratic red tape and addressing other criticisms of the fledging science agency.

Republicans on the House of Representatives science committee say the White House is dragging its feet" on inquiries into scientific integrity involving greenhouse gas regulations at EPA and biofuels.

Senator John Barrasso (R–WY) is unhappy that the Central Intelligence Agency has started a center to analyze climate-related threats to national security, and may offer an amendment to strip funding for the center out of an appropriations bill for U.S. intelligence. “Will someone sitting in a dark room watching satellite video of northern Afghanistan now be sitting in a dark room watching polar ice caps?” he told E&E news (subs. req.)  (Photo courtesy / CC BY 2.0)

The House science committee will be looking into high-risk, high-reward research on Thursday with testimony from Neal Lane, former science adviser, and an official from the National Science Foundation, among others.