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Roundup 9/18: Playing a New Tune Edition

The University of California, San Francisco, appointed pediatrician Sam Hagwood yesterday as dean of its medical school. Hagwood was named interim dean in December 2007 after the abrupt dismissal of his predecessor, David Kessler, who had bickered with administrators over alleged financial irregularities at the school.

Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry will headline an event in Washington, D.C., on Thursday organized by the "Rock Stars of Science" organization to push for biomedical research funding.

On the same day the House of Representatives science committee will take several doses of testimony at a hearing about the need for measurement standards for biologic drugs.

Industrial biotechnology could provide 2.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions cuts if given the chance, says the World Wildlife Fund.

German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine have struck a deal to collaborate on stem cell projects.

Photo courtesy of Aerosmith