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From the Comments ...

... on a Carnegie Mellon University robotics scientist eschewing military cash:

I adore such a scientist. It might be difficult, but I believe that it is worth it. On the other hand, loosely speaking, I believe that it looks like a game. We need a certain portion of people who follow the same trend. ... There will be a positive feedback and more and more people will tend to reject this kind of money.

Another reader is not so sure:

There's more to the military-industrial complex than DARPA -- it's either hypocritical or tragically naive to think you can be at CMU without furthering that cycle. If Nourbakhsh really wants to get away from money that leads to US weapons, he should get a job abroad. Of course, if he wants to make a difference & get his stuff written up in Science, he would be better staying at CMU. I know entire (significant) departments that have turned down all military funding in Europe. There are probably even whole universities that have done so, maybe even in the US. I encourage Science to look a little harder into this.