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A Graphic Look at Mexico's Outbreak

Mexico’s Ministry of Health regularly posts informative, detailed graphs of its outbreak that have received little prime-time exposure. Even if you don’t read Spanish, you can glean loads of tidbits from the charts. On 15 May, for example, a graph that shows the accumulation of confirmed cases by date of the onset of symptoms indicates that cases peaked on April 26. The curves suggest that the outbreak there has waned, as Mexican health officials there have asserted (though there may be detection bias because of factors like processing older samples first). Note, too, that the graph has 34 cases that were symptomatic before 1 April, the date of a much ballyhooed “patient zero” from La Gloria, Veracruz. Other charts show the breakdown of confirmed cases by age, gender, and states, as well as the frequency of specific symptoms.

Image Credit: Ministry of Health, Mexico

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