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You Have 1 Week Left to Apply for Q's Job

Any researchers out there wishing to put their skills to the test fighting terrorism and protecting national security may now get their chance: Britain's Security Service, otherwise known as MI5, is looking for a chief scientific adviser. Details of the job requirements on the Security Service Web site are scant but emphasize scientific credibility and communications and team-building skills. Applicants can continue with their current line of research, as the service is only asking for a 2-3 day per week commitment.

Wishing to emulate James Bond's gadgets developer?

You may be disappointed. Developing rocket packs and pens shooting poison darts doesn't seem to be in the job description. According to John Beddington, the prime minister's chief scientific adviser: "[The MI5 science adviser] has a role to frustrate terrorism to prevent espionage hurting the U.K., protect our critical national infrastructure, and to frustrate the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction."

Closing date for applications is 24 April.

Hat tip, BBC.

Daniel Clery

Daniel is Science’s senior correspondent in the United Kingdom, covering astronomy, physics, and energy stories as well as European policy.