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Obama Climate Policy: If Not in Bonn, Maybe in D.C.

Obama's team has gotten mixed reviews from climate negotiators and activists who were disappointed with the climate talks that ended this week in Bonn, Germany. The main reason, it seems, is that in the week-and-a-half meeting, meant to lay groundwork for key talks in June, the Obama team mostly stayed on the sidelines and didn't reveal much. But back in Washington, the Administration is moving quickly to regulate carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act.

Last year's Supreme Court decision opened the door for the Bush Administration to regulate CO2 under the law, provided it make an "endangerment finding." That ruling meant that the Environmental Protection Agency would determine whether, like many other pollutants, CO2 endangered human health. But then-administrator Stephen Johnson ruled that it didn't.

In a story few noticed at the time, last month Greenwire obtained a copy of a PowerPoint presentation that seems to suggest that the EPA will be naming CO2 as a danger to human health under the Clean Air Act, and it will happen on Thursday. Green groups say they are expecting a home run from the Obama Administration.