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White House Nabs Science Money Whiz

The science wonkocracy knows well the work of Kei Koizumi, Washington, D.C.'s, premier research budget number cruncher. That includes newly confirmed science adviser John Holdren, who's hired Koizumi away from AAAS, which publishes Science.

Yesterday was Koizumi's goodbye party, and the diligent analyst revealed the assignment he first completed when he joined AAAS about 15 years ago. That was to forecast how budget cuts promised in the Contract With America would impact U.S. science. ("He showed it would cut science budgets by 30%, and it made a big splash," said Albert Teich, Koizumi's now former boss.) With President Barack Obama promising—and recently delivering—big boosts to federal science, there's certainly a different trend in the numbers that Koizumi will have to crunch in his new job.