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Clues on Obama's Stem Cell Plans?

Now it's coming from the horse's mouth. The Center for American Progress, headed by John Podesta, who is also running Barack Obama’s transition team, has spelled out on its Web site what it thinks the next president's stem cell policy ought to be. The piece calls on the new president to give the Department of Health and Human Services 90 days to come up with guidelines allowing federal funding for research on any "ethically derived" human embryonic stem cells and making clear that no federal money will go to violating the federal ban on harming embryos.
It's hard to imagine what else Obama would do. He's as unlikely to try to open up stem cell research to new firestorms of political controversy by calling for federal funding for research cloning (what some call harming embryos) as he is to try to retain the much-hated (at least by most stem cell scientists and Democrats) Bush policy. Obama’s choice for HHS secretary, by the way, is Tom Daschle, a close ally of the center who has appeared at a number of its events.