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Prizewinner. A visitor demonstrates a noninvasive glucose monitor invented by Robert Langer (left).

Engineering Leaders Honored

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) awarded two lucrative prizes today. Robert Langer of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology received the $500,000 Charles Stark Draper prize for his groundbreaking work on technology for releasing drugs from polymer plastics. One of his inventions delivers chemotherapy directly to brain tumors (Science, 3 September 1999, p. 1531).

NAE also presented a new award--the $500,000, biennial Bernard M. Gordon Prize for engineering education--to Eli Fromm of Drexel University in Philadelphia. Fromm gets the prize for his "revolutionary" ideas in education, embodied in the Enhanced Educational Experience for Engineers (E4) program at Drexel. The program, which Fromm founded in 1987, brought humanities professors into engineering classrooms and developed students' communication skills and business savvy. Seven other institutions have adopted the program.

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