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No Woman at Argonne's Helm

Energy Secretary Bill Richardson threw in the towel on his search for a female director of Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois and on 11 September appointed nuclear physicist Hermann Grunder. But Richardson says he's stepping up efforts to attract more women into science and senior Department of Energy (DOE) management jobs.

Last week at DOE headquarters, Richardson staged a gala "Women in Science" forum to tout the department's progress in the past 2 years and to announce several initiatives to keep the ball rolling. Surrounded by female senior R&D managers from around the country, Richardson noted that 80% of the department's $17.4 billion budget is "managed by women," including new Office of Science chief Mildred Dresselhaus. (DOE's top four slots, however, are held by men--Richardson, deputy director T. J. Glauthier, and undersecretaries Ernie Moniz and John Gordon.)

Richardson also touted efforts to bring in female leadership at DOE's labs. He pointed to Lura Powell's appointment earlier this year as head of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington state, adding "I still think it's critically important to have more women as lab directors. But we couldn't make it happen" at Argonne. Grunder, the longtime director of the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in Newport News, Virginia, assumes his new post on 1 November.

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