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Howard Hughes Leads Hot Research Charts

The biomedical research all-stars recruited by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) in Chevy Chase, Maryland, have easily outpaced the competition in publishing prominent papers in molecular biology and genetics in recent years. A new analysis by the Institute for Scientific Information in Philadelphia, which tracks scientific publishing, found that the roughly 300 HHMI-funded researchers--who work at numerous campuses--published papers that other researchers cited more than 76,000 times from 1994 to 1998. That's more than double the number of citations produced by runner-up Harvard University (see table).

The analysis also found that nine of the 17 most cited scientists were HHMI investigators. But the leader of the pack was cell signaling and gene transcription researcher Michael Karin of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Among journals, Cell published the most high-impact papers in molecular biology and genetics, 371; Nature and Science tied for second with 159 each.

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Rank Institution No. citations
1 Howard Hughes Medical Institute 76,554
2 Harvard University 37,118
3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 15,966
4 Johns Hopkins University 13,570
5 University of California, San Diego 12,942
6 Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 11,551
7 Salk Institute 11,265
8 University of California, San Francisco 10,800
9 Yale University 10,682
10 Rockefeller University 9,981
Rank Researcher No. high-impact papers No. citations
1 Michael Karin, UCSD 15 6677
2 Joan Massagué, HHMI/Sloan-Kettering 15 5402
3 John Reed, Burnham Institute 13 5268
4 Charles Sherr, HHMI/St. Jude Hosp. 12 5435
5 Ronald Evans, HHMI/Salk Institute 12 4646
6 David Goeddel, Tularik Inc. 12 3582
7 Kenneth Kinzler, Johns Hopkins 12 3047
Bert Vogelstein, HHMI/Johns Hopkins 12 3047
8 David Beach, Inst. of Child Health 11 4451
9 Vishva Dixit, Genentech Inc. 10 4343
10 Stephen Elledge, HHMI/Baylor 9 3554