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Top 10 Hot Papers for 1997

Apoptosis, or programmed cell death, was the dominant theme among the top 10 hot papers for 1997, beating out even Dolly, the cloned lamb, in the citation count. All the 40 most cited papers in the tally, done by the Institute for Scientific Information in Philadelphia, had the advantage of being published early in the year. The most cited researcher (gauged by the number of highly cited papers over a 2-year period) was geneticist Ronald M. Evans, a Howard Hughes investigator at the Salk Institute, with six.

Rank Topic Author Reference # Cites
1. apoptosis J. Yang et al. Science, 21 Feb. 56
2. apoptosis R. M. Kluck et al. Science, 21 Feb. 55
3. oncogenes T. R. Franke et al. Science, 31 Jan. 54
4. ataxia O. Zuchenko et al. Nature Genetics, Jan. 47
5. BRCA1 R. Scully et al. Cell, 24 Jan. 46
6. neuron survival H. Dudek et al. Science, 31 Jan. 41
7. cell death A. M. Chinnalyan et al. Science, 21 Feb. 40
8. apoptosis A. Kauffmann-Zeh et al. Nature, 6 Feb. 40
9. presenilins M. Citron et al. Nature Medicine, Jan. 38
10. Dolly I. Wilmut et al. Nature, 27 Feb. 37