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This special collection of freely available Review and Research Articles from Science Signaling is intended for those interested in inflammatory disease research. In this collection, we highlight papers in the areas of inflammation, immunology, neuroscience, pain, obesity, drug discovery, autoimmunity, and neuroinflammation. If you perform research in these or related areas, we would be very interested in considering your work for publication. Please contact us at:

Research Articles

The kinase IRAK4 promotes endosomal TLR and immune complex signaling in B cells and plasmacytoid dendritic cells

Cesar A. Corzo, Eugene Varfolomeev, A. Francesca Setiadi, Ross Francis, Sha Klabunde, Kate Senger, Swathi Sujatha-Bhaskar, Joy Drobnick, Steven Do, Eric Suto, Zhiyu Huang, Jeffrey Eastham-Anderson, Arna Katewa, Jodie Pang, Melanie Domeyer, Christopher Dela Cruz, Andres Paler-Martinez, Vivian W. C. Lau, Azadeh Hadadianpour, Vladimir Ramirez-Carrozi, Yonglian Sun, Katherine Bao, Daqi Xu, Emily Hunley, Hans D. Brightbill, Soren Warming, Merone Roose-Girma, Alfred Wong, Lucinda Tam, Claire L. Emson, James J. Crawford, Wendy B. Young, Rajita Pappu, Brent S. McKenzie, Vida Asghari, Domagoj Vucic, Jason A. Hackney, Cary D. Austin, Wyne P. Lee, Annemarie Lekkerkerker, Nico Ghilardi, Marian C. Bryan, James R. Kiefer, Michael J. Townsend, and Ali A. Zarrin

Estrogen receptor α contributes to T cell–mediated autoimmune inflammation by promoting T cell activation and proliferation

Imran Mohammad, Inna Starskaia, Tamas Nagy, Jitao Guo, Emrah Yatkin, Kalervo Väänänen, Wendy T. Watford, and Zhi Chen

Glutathione S-transferases promote proinflammatory astrocyte-microglia communication during brain inflammation

Shin-ichi Kano, Eric Y. Choi, Eisuke Dohi, Swati Agarwal, Daniel J. Chang, Ashley M. Wilson, Brian D. Lo, Indigo V. L. Rose, Santiago Gonzalez, Takashi Imai, and Akira Sawa

TRPV1 promotes opioid analgesia during inflammation

Lilian Basso, Reem Aboushousha, Churmy Yong Fan, Mircea Iftinca, Helvira Melo, Robyn Flynn, Francina Agosti, Morley D. Hollenberg, Roger Thompson, Emmanuel Bourinet, Tuan Trang, and Christophe Altier


SMAC mimetics and RIPK inhibitors as therapeutics for chronic inflammatory diseases

Simone Jensen, Jakob Benedict Seidelin, Eric Charles LaCasse, and Ole Haagen Nielsen

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