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This special collection of freely available research papers from Science Signaling is intended for readers and researchers interested in the field of neuroscience. In this collection, we highlight papers related to opioid signaling, addiction, the effects of probiotics, pain, neurodegeneration, and metabolism. If you perform research in these or related areas, we would be very interested in considering your work for publication. Please contact us at:

Research Articles

μ-Opioid receptor–induced synaptic plasticity in dopamine neurons mediates the rewarding properties of anabolic androgenic steroids

Leonardo Bontempi and Antonello Bonci

Induction of opioid signaling in a “reward center” of the brain underlies the addictive nature of anabolic steroids.

Inhibition of Hsp90 in the spinal cord enhances the antinociceptive effects of morphine by activating an ERK-RSK pathway

David I. Duron, Wei Lei, Natalie K. Barker, Carrie Stine, Sanket Mishra, Brian S. J. Blagg, Paul R. Langlais, John M. Streicher

Spinal delivery of Hsp90 inhibitors may make opioids safer and more effective.

SERP1 is an assembly regulator of γ-secretase in metabolic stress conditions

Sunmin Jung, Junho Hyun, Jihoon Nah, Jonghee Han, Seo-Hyun Kim, Jaesang Park, Yoonseo Oh, Youngdae Gwon, Seowon Moon, Dong-Gyu Jo, Yong-Keun Jung

Through the protein SERP1, metabolic stress biases γ-secretase activity toward β-amyloid production.

The collagen receptor glycoprotein VI promotes platelet-mediated aggregation of β-amyloid

Lili Donner, Laura Mara Toska, Irena Krüger, Sandra Gröniger, Ruben Barroso, Alice Burleigh, Diego Mezzano, Susanne Pfeiler, Malte Kelm, Norbert Gerdes, Steve P. Watson, Yi Sun, Margitta Elvers

Multiple receptors on platelets drive Alzheimer’s disease–associated amyloid deposits in brain vessels.

Research Resource

A dynamic mouse peptidome landscape reveals probiotic modulation of the gut-brain axis

Pei Zhang, Xiaoli Wu, Shan Liang, Xianfeng Shao, Qianqian Wang, Ruibing Chen, Weimin Zhu, Chen Shao, Feng Jin, Chenxi Jia

Probiotic treatment alters the abundance of neuropeptides in the brain.

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