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This special collection of freely available research papers from Science Signaling is intended for readers and researchers interested in cell biology. In this collection, we highlight papers in areas such as cell migration, metabolism, autophagy, vesicular trafficking, calcium signaling, cell survival, and more. If you perform research in these or related areas, we would be very interested in considering your work for publication. Please contact us at:

Research Articles

Spatial heterogeneities shape the collective behavior of signaling amoeboid cells

Torsten F. Eckstein, Estefania Vidal-Henriquez, Albert J. Bae, Azam Gholami

Imaging and mathematical analyses reveal how Dictyostelium discoideum cells navigate around obstacles in their environment.

Cancer cells with defective oxidative phosphorylation require endoplasmic reticulum–to–mitochondria Ca2+ transfer for survival

Cesar Cardenas, Alenka Lovy, Eduardo Silva-Pavez, Felix Urra, Craig Mizzoni, Ulises Ahumada-Castro, Galdo Bustos, Fabian Jaňa, Pablo Cruz, Paula Farias, Elizabeth Mendoza, Hernan Huerta, Paola Murgas, Martin Hunter, Melany Rios, Oscar Cerda, Irene Georgakoudi, Armen Zakarian, Jordi Molgó, J. Kevin Foskett

Mitochondrial Ca2+ influx promotes oxidative phosphorylation–independent pathways to enable cancer cell survival.

Phosphoproteomics of CD2 signaling reveals AMPK-dependent regulation of lytic granule polarization in cytotoxic T cells

Vanessa Zurli, Tommaso Montecchi, Raphael Heilig, Isabel Poschke, Michael Volkmar, Giuliana Wimmer, Gioia Boncompagni, Gabriele Turacchio, Mario Milco D’Elios, Giuseppe Campoccia, Nicoletta Resta, Rienk Offringa, Roman Fischer, Oreste Acuto, Cosima Tatiana Baldari, Anna Kabanova

CD2-stimulated AMPK activation mediates lytic granule organization in cytotoxic T cells.

The ER chaperone calnexin controls mitochondrial positioning and respiration

Tomás Gutiérrez, Hong Q, Megan C. Yap, Nasser Tahbaz, Leanne A. Milburn, Eliana Lucchinetti, Phing-How Lou, Michael Zaugg, Paul G. LaPointe, Pascal Mercier, Michael Overduin, Helmut Bischof, Sandra Burgstaller, Roland Malli, Klaus Ballanyi, Jianwei Shuai, Thomas Simmen

Control of Ca2+ flow from the ER to mitochondria by calnexin balances output from energy production pathways.

Research Resource

Metabolic adaptation to calorie restriction

Carlos Guijas, J. Rafael Montenegro-Burke, Rigo Cintron-Colon, Xavier Domingo-Almenara, Manuel Sanchez-Alavez, Carlos A. Aguirre, Kokila Shankar, Erica L.-W. Majumder, Elizabeth Billings, Bruno Conti, Gary Siuzdak

Metabolites that may enable calorie restriction to induce hypothermia and extend health span are identified.

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