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Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief, Science family of journals
Holden Thorp, Ph.D.

Executive Editor, Science family of journals
Monica M. Bradford

Editor, Science Robotics
Michael Lee, DPhil

Editorial Manager: Trista Wagoner,

Editorial Coordinator: Brianna Costache,

Publishing Office and Business Staff

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Publisher, Science Family of Journals
Sudip S. Parikh

Bill Moran

Director, Business Systems and Analysis: Randy Yi
Director, Copyrights Licensing Special Projects: Emilie David
Associate Director, Institutional Licensing Operations: Iquo Edim
Permissions Associate: Elizabeth Sandler
Product Manager, Portfolio Journals: Kris Bishop

Digital Media and Production Staff

Digital/Print Strategy Manager: Jason Hillman
Quality Technical Manager: Marcus Spiegler
Senior Content Specialists: Antoinette Hodal, Lori Murphy

Graphics Editor: Emily Petersen