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Free Sample Articles from Science Robotics

The Science Robotics sample articles below are freely available to all readers.


Autonomous vehicles: An imperfect path to saving millions of lives

By Neil Jacobstein
Science Robotics | Vol 4 Iss 28


Task-agnostic self-modeling machines

By Robert Kwiatkowski and Hod Lipson
Science Robotics | Vol 4 Iss 26

XAI—Explainable artificial intelligence

By David Gunning, Mark Stefik, Jaesik Choi, Timothy Miller, Simone Stumpf, and Guang-Zhong Yang
Science Robotics | Vol 4 Iss 37

Forging global cooperation and collaboration

By Guang-Zhong Yang, Tong Boon Quek, Stefano Stramigioli, Han Ding, Dong Sun, and Junku Yuh
Science Robotics | Vol 5 Iss 38


Learning ambidextrous robot grasping policies

By Jeffrey Mahler, Matthew Matl, Vishal Satish, Michael Danielczuk, Bill DeRose, Stephen McKinley, and Ken Goldberg
Science Robotics | Vol 4 Iss 26

Learning agile and dynamic motor skills for legged robots

By Jemin Hwangbo, Joonho Lee, Alexey Dosovitskiy, Dario Bellicoso, Vassilios Tsounis, Vladlen Koltun, and Marco Hutter
Science Robotics | Vol 4 Iss 26

Perching and resting—A paradigm for UAV maneuvering with modularized landing gears

By Kaiyu Hang, Ximin Lyu, Haoran Song, Johannes A. Stork, Aaron M. Dollar, Danica Kragic, and Fu Zhang
Science Robotics | Vol 4 Iss 28

Autonomous robotic intracardiac catheter navigation using haptic vision

By G. Fagogenis, M. Mencattelli, Z. Machaidze, B. Rosa, K. Price, F. Wu, V. Weixler, M. Saeed, J. E. Mayer, and P. E. Dupont
Science Robotics | Vol 4 Iss 29

Biomimetic sensory feedback through peripheral nerve stimulation improves dexterous use of a bionic hand

By J. A. George, D. T. Kluger, T. S. Davis, S. M. Wendelken, E. V. Okorokova, Q. He, C. C. Duncan, D. T. Hutchinson, Z. C. Thumser, D. T. Beckler, P. D. Marasco, S. J. Bensmaia, and G. A. Clark
Science Robotics| Vol 4 Iss 32

Insect-scale fast moving and ultrarobust soft robot

By Yichuan Wu, Justin K. Yim, Jiaming Liang, Zhichun Shao, Mingjing Qi, Junwen Zhong, Zihao Luo, Xiaojun Yan, Min Zhang, Xiaohao Wang, Ronald S. Fearing, Robert J. Full, and Liwei Lin
Science Robotics | Vol 4 Iss 32

A neuro-inspired artificial peripheral nervous system for scalable electronic skins

By Wang Wei Lee, Yu Jun Tan, Haicheng Yao, Si Li, Hian Hian See, Matthew Hon, Kian Ann Ng, Betty Xiong, John S. Ho, and Benjamin C. K. Tee
Science Robotics | Vol 4 Iss 32

A robot made of robots: Emergent transport and control of a smarticle ensemble

By William Savoie, Thomas A. Berrueta, Zachary Jackson, Ana Pervan, Ross Warkentin, Shengkai Li, Todd D. Murphey, Kurt Wiesenfeld, and Daniel I. Goldman
Science Robotics | Vol 4 Iss 34

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