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Science Robotics

What types of manuscripts does Science Robotics consider?

Science Robotics will publish original, peer-reviewed, science- or engineering-based research articles that advance the field of robotics. The journal will also feature editor-commissioned Reviews. An international team of academic editors will hold Science Robotics articles to the same high-quality standard that is the hallmark of the Science family of journals.

For original research, we prioritize work that reveals novel concepts of broad importance to the robotics community. Research Articles can be up to 8000 words long and can be enhanced with online materials. Review articles are only commissioned by the Editor but will also go through the normal peer review process. The length of a review article can be up to 5000 words (not including abstract, references and notes, and figure and table captions), although a longer version may be considered at the discretion of the Editor. 

For more details and a template for preparing your manuscript, see Science Robotics Information for Authors.

How do I prepare a manuscript? Is there a template for me to follow for preparing my manuscript?

Yes, we use the general manuscript style of Science family journals. The template can be downloaded here. Please refer to Science Robotics Information for Authors for detailed instruction for preparing your manuscript.

How do I submit my research to Science Robotics?

Submitting a manuscript is easy. Instructions on how to submit your research for publication in Science Robotics and the journal's submission system ( can be found here.

Will my manuscript remain confidential?

Yes. Science Robotics treats all submitted manuscripts as confidential documents. We also instruct and expect our Editorial and Advisory Boards and reviewers to treat manuscripts as confidential material. Our peer review process is also confidential, and identities of reviewers are not released. (Letters and Technical Comments are sent to the authors of papers on which they comment for response or rebuttal, but otherwise are treated in the same way as other contributions with respect to confidentiality.)

What's the policy on prior publication of results?

Science Robotics will only consider research papers that are reporting primary data and the main conclusions for the first time. Your cover letter should clarify how your Science Robotics submission is original. Any related manuscript that is under consideration or accepted in another journal but not yet published by any author on the manuscript should be included with your submission or revision so it can be uploaded as an auxiliary file. Discovery of a related paper by any author that is not disclosed may be cause for immediate rejection without appeal or editorial retraction after publication.

What about manuscripts that have been posted online before submission?

We do not consider manuscripts that have been previously published elsewhere. Posting of a paper on the Internet may be considered prior publication that could compromise the originality of the Science Robotics submission, although we do allow posting on,, and in many cases on other not-for-profit preprint servers. Please contact the editors for advice about specific cases. We provide a free electronic reprint service to authors, which allows visitors to the author’s web site free access to the published version of the Science Robotics paper at our web site immediately after publication.

What's the policy on publication of data sets or source code?

As a condition of publication, authors must agree to make available all data necessary to understand and assess the conclusions of the manuscript to any reader of Science Robotics. Data must be included in the body of the paper or in the supplementary materials, where they can be viewed free of charge by all visitors to the site. When appropriate, we encourage authors to make source code available via one of the open source project hosting web sites, e.g., SourceForge and GitHub, to facilitate recreation of experimental results and wider adoption of the technology.

Does Science Robotics require copyright transfer?

No. Authors retain copyright of their work, but must grant an exclusive publication license to Science Robotics and AAAS for their paper to be accepted for publication. Further details on this license are available here.

If you have questions about copyright transfer, please contact

How should I prepare figures for Science Robotics?

As with the manuscript itself, how figures should be prepared depends on whether you are initially submitting a manuscript or resubmitting a revised manuscript after peer review. In particular, for new manuscript submissions, figures should be included as part of a single manuscript file that also includes text and tables, whereas for resubmissions they should be submitted separately from the text and tables. For details, see our instructions for preparing your manuscript and figures. Supplementary Materials are submitted as a single file at both stages.

What's the optimum resolution for figures of Science Robotics?

The appropriate resolution for figures differs depending on whether you are initially submitting a new manuscript or submitting a revision after peer review:

  • For new manuscripts, the key consideration is keeping file sizes reasonable; figures should be embedded in the same file that contains text and tables and should be 150 to 300 dots per inch (dpi). Figures, such as micrographs, that require high-resolution original prints for proper evaluation should be submitted as auxiliary files.
  • For revised manuscripts after peer review, figures should be submitted as separate digital files at a higher resolution–a minimum of 300 dpi. (Please note that these resolutions refer to images sized at dimensions comparable to those of figures in the print journal. Reducing or enlarging the dimensions of a digital raster image will change its resolution. Please see our instructions for figures for revised manuscripts for more details.)

What are Supplementary Materials? How should I prepare them?

Supplementary materials consist of additional material accompanying Science Robotics papers that is posted on our Web site. We can post additional content (such as information on methods, tables, diagrams, and images that bear directly on the conclusions of the paper but that cannot be accommodated in the print version for reasons of space), figures, and other material, such as video clips and sound files, that enrich the content of the paper by extending it beyond the possibilities of the print medium. The material is subject to the same editorial standards and peer-review procedures as the print publication. Supplementary materials must be essential to the scientific integrity and excellence of the paper.

At both the initial stage and after revision, supplementary material should be submitted as a single .docx or .pdf file separate from the main manuscript. Audio or video files can be submitted separately. Please carefully read the guidelines on preparing supplementary materials for complete information.

How do I refer to supplementary materials in a manuscript?

The appropriate style can be found in our guidelines on preparing supplementary materials.

Science Robotics rejected my manuscript. Should I revise it and submit it again?

This is probably not a good idea. Our decisions are based not only on the paper's technical merit but also on the general interest or importance of the work, and on comparison with other papers that we are considering in the general field of robotics. Thus, we will only reconsider papers for which we have specifically invited resubmission or when a significant error has been made during review that influenced our final decision. 

If I would like access to Science Robotics content but do not already have access through my institution, how can I subscribe as an individual?
If you would like to subscribe to Science Robotics content, either as an individual AAAS member or a non-member, you can subscribe here. If you are interested in bringing Science Robotics to your institution, request a quote or complimentary trial.

I have more questions! Whom do I contact?

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