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With its motto of “Science for Robotics and Robotics for Science,” Science Robotics was launched to cover the most significant advances in robots and their applications. The journal addresses both theoretical advances as well as practical applications of robotics. It promotes communication of new ideas, general principles, and original developments in robotics research and field applications, bearing the quality hallmark of the Science family of journals.

From time to time we will announce special issues; calls for those issues appear below. Presubmission inquiries and expressions of interest should be sent to We request that all expressions of interest include article title, author list and affiliations, and abstract (<200 words). Expressions of interest for reviews and research articles should also include a brief outline.

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Special Issue on Electronic Skin (e-skin)

We are pleased to announce a special issue on electronic skin (e-skin), either mimicking or inspired by biological skin both mechanically and functionally. It can be stretchy, flexible in conforming to surfaces, able to sense interaction and environmental factors like touch and heat, and able to heal itself when damaged, among other characteristics. We are looking for high-quality, original research papers from all areas of research and development in e-skin including prosthetics, biomedical devices, and human-computer interaction. We are also interested in research on e-skin that uses environmentally friendly or recyclable materials or e-skin that has a scalable and cost-efficient manufacturing process. We are particularly interested in research with real-world applications and tangible robotic embodiment in mind. Additionally, we are looking for comprehensive reviews of the state of the art, and short Focus articles to provide snapshots of research for a wider audience.

Key dates:

  • Deadline for expressions of interest: 31 July 2019
  • Deadline for submission of original research articles: 11 October 2019
  • Expected publication of the special issue: Early 2020