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Editors’ Top Picks from Science Immunology

Check out the Editors’ picks of top Reviews published in Science Immunology in 2019! These reviews summarize and synthesize research on topics of broad interest within the field of immunology. These reviews feature superb figures crafted by the illustration team at AAAS in collaboration with the authors. 


Immune responses at the maternal-fetal interface
Stephanie E. Ander, Michael S. Diamond, and Carolyn B. Coyne
Science Immunology | Vol. 4 Issue 31

Structure and function of the immune system in the spleen
Steven M. Lewis, Adam Williams, and Stephanie C. Eisenbarth
Science Immunology | Vol. 4 Issue 33

Location, location, location: Tissue resident memory T cells in mice and humans
Peter A. Szabo, Michelle Miron, and Donna L. Farber
Science Immunology | Vol. 4 Issue 34

The anatomy and immunology of vasculature in the central nervous system
Panagiotis Mastorakos and Dorian McGavern
Science Immunology | Vol. 4 Issue 37

Gasdermin D activity in inflammation and host defense
Judy Lieberman, Hao Wu, and Jonathan C. Kagan
Science Immunology | Vol. 4 Issue 39

Transplanting organs from pigs to humans
Megan Sykes and David H. Sachs
Science Immunology | Vol. 4 Issue 41

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