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Westlake Institute for Advanced Study

Westlake Institute for Advanced Study, or WIAS, is a non-profit research institute that is located in Hangzhou, China. As an elite research institute, WIAS provides a world-class, stimulating environment, along with state-of-the-art research facility, professional administrative staff and logistic support. 

WIAS forms the foundation of Westlake University, and the initial formation of four institutes will become the academic and research basis for the future University. Having world-class universities is viewed as an important measurement to a country's strength in science, culture and higher education. In the meantime, it is also a necessity when a country has developed to a certain stage in its economic, scientific, and social status. In Hangzhou, a city positioning itself as the Silicon Valley of China, the dream of a world-class university is currently being nurtured. As the foundation of Westlake University, WIAS is set to be the only private research institute in China committed to basic and cutting-edge researches with the purpose to deepen scientific research system reforms and cultivate innovative talents. It is also the first private scientific research institute which will carry out doctoral trainings at the very beginning.

WIAS comprises four founding institutes: Institute for Biology, Institute for Basic Medical Sciences, Institute for Natural Sciences and Institute for Advanced Technology. Cutting-edge research will be conducted at WIAS, and interdisciplinary interactions amongst biology, physics, computer sciences, engineering, and math will be prioritized. Just as Professor Yigong Shi has put it, “Westlake Institute for Advanced Study is entrusted with the shared dreams of 3 million overseas students and 1.4 million returned talents. We hope that, with our devoted effort, WIAS would create history by becoming the very first private world-class scientific research institute in China”.

Hangzhou, a romantic city of China, historically has attracted millions of talents to pursue their dreams and establish their legacies here. We believe the establishment of WIAS will gather top talents in science and technology once again in the beautiful city boasting the West Lake, which poises to be the leading frontier of China and the world’s scientific development.


Westlake Institute for Advanced Study strives to represent the scientific strength of China, to influence the nation’s future, and to promote inclusive development and progress. Laying the foundation for the future Westlake University, WIAS aims at establishing a top-level research-oriented global university. At WIAS, scientific knowledge and technological advancement are utilized to have real life impact on the world and benefit human beings. Leading talents with innovative spirits and capabilities are trained to become the driving force of China’s development.


As an elite non-profit research institute, Westlake Institute for Advanced Study is committed to create a world-class, stimulating environment, including state-of-the-art research facility, professional administrative staff and logistic support for advanced scientific research and nurturing talents.

WIAS forms the foundation of future Westlake University. After the establishment of Westlake University, WIAS will shift its focus from basic scientific research to translational research through collaborations with innovative enterprises and continue to explore new initiatives in technology and innovation.