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GSK: Harnessing the multiplier effect of Science x Technology x Culture

To strengthen our pipeline and deliver the next generation of medicines, we have a new approach to Research and Development (R&D): Science x Technology x Culture.

We strongly believe that by getting these three things right, we will be able to deliver better medicines to more patients, faster than we do today.


We know that medicines with genetic validation succeed nearly twice as often as those without. Our approach is focused on science related to the immune system and the use of human genetics to help us accelerate the pace at which we develop and deliver transformational medicines, prioritising those molecules with a higher probability of success and terminating less promising programmes.

Our approach in action: Discovering new medicines through genetics.


We are developing a core capability in artificial intelligence and machine learning, to enhance our ability to interpret and understand genetics and genomic data (read more about our AI team). We are also investing in functional genomics, applying techniques for gene modification such as CRISPR technology, to help discover and validate potential targets. These investments supplement our existing strengths in other advanced technologies, including our leading position in cell and gene therapy, which we continue to develop.

Our approach in action:


To bring our values and expectations to life for R&D, we are focused on five key culture pillars: Follow the science, Smart risk-taking, Single point accountable decision making, Focus, and Outstanding people. Successfully embedding these five pillars will help us deliver the next generation of transformational medicines to patients.