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Stimulating Sales in an Uncertain Climate: The Role of Branding and Marketing in Tomorrow's Life Science Company

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Stimulating Sales in an Uncertain Climate:  The Role of Branding and Marketing in Tomorrow's Life Science Company

Recorded 06 June 2012


With the acceleration of mergers and acquisitions, and the recent global economic turmoil, the life science industry is focused on maximizing short-term revenues through sales. Currently, the role of marketing departments is largely seen as sales support. But what is the cost of this narrow definition? Without proper long-term investment in vision, strategy, and brand, life science companies are exposing themselves to possible future commodification and competitive threats. In this live webinar, Science invites long-time brand strategist Julian Stubbs and life science marketing strategist Hamid Ghanadan to discuss current trends and how marketing needs to evolve to deliver value in this increasingly high-stakes climate. 

Specifically, the panelists will discuss:

How branding and marketing differ in the life sciences relative to other industries

  • Best practices for company branding and product marketing
  • The most important elements for building a powerful brand and communications platform
  • The effects of online and digital marketing on company brands
  • A novel model for how to influence scientists through content marketing

    Speaker bios

    Julian Stubbs

    *UP There, Everywhere
    Stockholm, Sweden

    Julian Stubbs is a brand strategist, writer, and cofounder of the global cloud-based advertising agency *UP There, Everywhere. During his 20-year career, Julian has worked in both client-marketing positions as well as on the agency consulting side for life science clients such as Pharmacia Biotech, Amersham Life Science, and Affymetrix and has been involved with the branding of the AAAS and the journal Science. Julian’s first business book on destination branding, Wish You Were Here, was published in 2011.

    Hamid Ghanadan

    The Linus Group
    San Francisco, CA

    Hamid Ghanadan, president of The Linus Group, has a background in biochemistry and has spent the past 16 years refining his understanding of scientific decision-making behaviors and building marketing programs to influence these decisions. Hamid is also the author of the book Persuading Scientists: Marketing to the World's Most Skeptical Audience. 

    Bill Moran

    Washington, DC

    Bill Moran is the global director of Custom Publishing, International Collaboration, and Advertising for Science Publications and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Bill has over 20 years of experience in the STM marketplace, and has worked on the development and launch of new journals, websites, and job boards. Over the past three years, Bill has pioneered international collaboration opportunities with China and Japan for Science/AAAS. These opportunities include partnerships and outreach events to develop the pipeline for Science magazine, Science Careers, Science Signaling, and Science Translational Medicine.

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