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New Product

ZDeck Quick Adjust Platform

Adjustable Microscope Platform

For info: 800-877-2234
Prior Scientific

The ZDeck Quick Adjust Platform range is a high-quality, height-adjustable platform designed specifically for upright microscopes. The ZDeck is compatible with most commercially available vibration isolation tables and offers an exceptionally stable platform, ensuring that your experimental area is as smooth and vibration-free as possible. The ZDeck’s large top plate provides an extensive surface area, enabling users to undertake a comprehensive range of tasks and allowing enough space to set up even the most complex experiments, which may involve environmentally controlled chambers, micromanipulators, and other instruments. The ZDeck’s top surface breadboard design (6-mm holes on 25-mm centers) is ideal for quickly and accurately mounting equipment. Offering the ability to switch between imaging heights within seconds, the ZDeck is well suited for observation of both thin-sample and whole-animal imaging. In applications where electrical noise might be an issue, the power to the ZDeck’s motors can be switched off after movement.

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