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New Product

UHPLC Columns

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Luna Omega 1.6-µm particle UHPLC columns deliver improved performance compared to other sub-2-µm products on the market, along with exceptionally tight particle size distribution, high column packing efficiencies, steady selectivity, and excellent reproducibility. Luna Omega columns are well suited for drug discovery and development, food contaminant analysis, environmental testing, toxicology, and clinical research. The columns feature novel silica with a constant particle morphology that is modified with proprietary, postsynthetic thermal treatment processes for mechanical strength and inertness. These beads provide significantly better peak shape for compounds of interest and minimize unwanted secondary interactions. Proprietary bonding technologies ensure wide stationary phase coverage and excellent separation power. Together, Kinetex core-shell technology and Luna Omega columns provide an ideal, complementary UHPLC solution. Combinations such as the Luna Omega 1.6-µm C18 with the Kinetex 1.7-µm Biphenyl and Kinetex 1.7-µm F5 promote greater method development success.

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