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New Product

Therapeutic Protein Analysis Kits, Columns, and Software

Thermo Fisher Scientific

For info: 800-955-6288
Thermo Scientific DNAPac RP columns

Biopharmaceutical companies can now achieve advanced levels of specificity, sensitivity, and speed with these specialized analytical workflow solutions for the characterization and quantification of proteins. Thermo Scientific DNAPac RP columns separate and characterize DNA/RNA oligonucleotides and longer double-stranded DNA fragments (up to 10k base pairs) using reversed-phase (RP) HPLC and LC/MS. The Thermo Scientific SMART Digest Kit is a protein digestion kit for reproducible, sensitive, and fast bottom-up analysis of proteins. The Thermo Scientific Vanquish Flex UHPLC System is a fully bioinert UHPLC offering that delivers reliable separations. The Thermo Scientific Dionex Chromeleon 7.2 Chromatography Data System answers questions that frequently arise during method development. The Thermo Scientific MAbPac RP column conducts high-resolution separation of intact proteins, such as monoclonal antibody (mAb) variants and antibody drug conjugates. Thermo Scientific BioPharma Finder software provides intelligent batch/lot comparisons to promote consistency and quality throughout.

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