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New Product

SNP Genotyping System

Integrated DNA Technologies

For info: 800-328-2661

Integrated DNA Technologies’ rhAmp SNP Genotyping System enables researchers to make accurate, confident, single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) calls both quickly and cost-effectively. rhAmp technology uses a unique ribonuclease H2/DNA polymerase two-enzyme system coupled with RNA–DNA hybrid primers, to eliminate nonspecific amplification and primer-dimer formation, which are challenges for other genotyping chemistries. The rhAmp SNP chemistry matches the current market leader for accuracy (greater than 99.5% call accuracy in over 90% of assays), and also provides simple, fast, and affordable results, with assays shipped in less than seven business days. Saving time and simplifying workflow, rhAmp SNP features a simple, single-tube assay setup that is easily automated and designed to work on all leading commercially available quantitative PCR platforms. Custom assay design is also available for proprietary and nonhuman SNP designs. The rhAmp Genotyping Design Tool can deliver designs in difficult sequence regions, accommodating very short amplicons (as small as 40 base pairs).

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