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New Product

Single-Cell Analysis System

Sphere Fluidics

For info: 888-258-0226

The Cyto-Mine Single-Cell Analysis System automates single-cell analysis, sorting, imaging, and dispensing. It is a single, compact, GLP-compliant system that fits in a standard biological safety cabinet. Traditionally, up to three different instruments would be required for each step, resulting in a costly, time-consuming process, using up valuable lab space, and increasing the risk of sample contamination. Cyto-Mine can deliver up to 10 million tests per day, far more than other systems on the market that deliver 10,000 tests in three weeks. The high-throughput system uses Sphere Fluidics’ patented picodroplet technology to encapsulate a single cell in growth media and trap secreted molecules, such as antibodies, from the cell as it grows. Since each cell is compartmentalized in the disposable Cyto-Cartridge, monoclonality is assured, and the unique workflow enables selective screening of single cells to find rare lead candidates.  

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