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New Product

Pico Methyl-Seq Library Prep and RRHP 5-hmC Library Prep

NGS Library Prep Kits

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Zymo Research Corporation

Current methods used for epigenetic analysis of DNA methylation are deficient in differentiating 5-methylcytosine from 5-hydroxymethylcytosine. The new Pico Methyl-Seq Library Prep and RRHP 5-hmC Library Prep kits are designed for NGS-based, whole-genome analysis of 5-methlycytosine and genome-wide analysis of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in DNA, respectively. These unique products feature streamlined workflows and include all the technologies required for consistent and robust library construction. Pico Methyl-Seq is a post-bisulfite library preparation method that can accommodate DNA inputs as low as 10 pg. Alternatively, RRHP allows for strand-specific, single-base profiling of 5-hmC from DNA inputs as low as 100 ng by utilizing a bisulfite-free, enzymatic-based method. When combined, both technologies will elucidate genomic-scale methylation and hydroxymethylation�profiles for a particular DNA sample from any species.

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