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New Product

PCR Beads

GE Healthcare Life Sciences

For info: 800-526-3593

PuReTaq Ready-To-Go PCR Beads are premixed, predispensed, single-dose reactions optimized for performing standard PCR amplifications. The use of recombinant PuReTaq DNA polymerase and other high-purity reagents guarantees reliable, robust performance in both endpoint and real-time fluorescence-based PCR amplifications, and ensures the lowest possible levels of contaminating prokaryotic and eukaryotic nucleic acids. These beads are preformulated to provide greater reproducibility between reactions, minimize pipetting steps, and reduce the potential for pipetting errors and contamination. The only additional reagents required are water, primers, and template DNA. The beads come predispensed into either 0.2-mL or 0.5-mL PCR tubes. The 0.2-mL tubes are also supplied in a 96-well (8 × 12) plate format, allowing individual strips of eight tubes to be easily removed. This flexibility enables use of the entire plate, strips of eight, or individual 0.2-mL tubes.

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