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New Product

PBS-Only Antibodies


For info: 888-772-2226

Abcam’s new phosphate buffered saline (PBS)-only recombinant antibodies are free from preservatives and stabilizing agents, offering improved flexibility for researchers conducting more complex experiments. Typically, antibodies are stored in a buffer composed of bovine serum albumin (BSA), glycerol, and sodium azide to ensure stability. However, these components can inhibit effective conjugation to certain dyes and enzymes, or they can be toxic to live cells. In a concentrated solution, without BSA, glycerol, or azide, PBS-only antibodies are ideally suited to antibody-labeling, functional, and cell-based assays as well as live-cell imaging applications. Developed using Abcam’s rabbit monoclonal recombinant technology, these antibodies are highly reproducible, ensuring batch-to-batch consistency. They are extensively validated across a wide range of applications, including flow cytometry, Western blot, chromatin immunoprecipitation, immunocytochemistry, immunohistochemistry, and knockout validation. Abcam is now making over 2,300 PBS-only antibodies available via its catalog for global researchers.

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