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New Product

Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

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Analytik Jena AG

Analytik Jena introduces a global innovation in nucleic acid extraction to the market. The innovative SmartExtraction technology does not require the use of phenol/chloroform, ion exchangers, filter columns, or filter plates, nor does it need suspensions from magnetic or paramagnetic particles for binding nucleic acids. Innovatively modified surfaces for nucleic acid binding (Smart Modified Surfaces) form the basis of the patent-pending technology. SmartExtraction can be operated manually, automated, or used under field conditions. Because of the extremely high binding capacities of the modified surfaces, the achieved yield of nucleic acids is practically unlimited, unlike that obtained through magnetic particle-based extraction, for example. In addition, the new technology also allows isolation of nucleic acids that are present only in very low concentrations in a biological sample. Because of its universality, this process can be implemented with all standard automated pipetting systems.

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