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NMR Magnet and Probe

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A nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) system has been equipped with an actively shielded Aeon 1-GHz magnet at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, while a single-story Aeon 950-MHz magnet has been successfully installed at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. Active shielding reduces the space requirements for the two-story magnet by more than an order of magnitude. The Aeon magnets feature novel active refrigeration technology, eliminating the need for liquid nitrogen and reducing liquid helium boil-off essentially to zero under normal operation. In conjunction with the latest GHz magnets and novel nitrogen-15 (15N) direct-detect NMR methods, the CryoProbe now makes direct 15N detection sensitive and advantageous in very large globular proteins and intrinsically disordered proteins, due to the longer relaxation times, high resolution, and low chemical shift anisotropy of 15N spectra. 15N detection is beneficial in cases where carbon-detected methods suffer from multiple couplings to neighboring carbons, or in the study of proline-rich protein domains and paramagnetic metalloproteins.

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